There is not too much to say about me. I am just some random guy on the internet who has various opinions about a great many things. One of those things was crypto and I decided to write about it. From there I got into more things, and just kept writing and creating. I have now found myself part of the exciting and growing NFT world.

I started with one blog, Recourier Crypto. This decision was in part because I wanted to become a content creator in the BAT ecosystem that was developed as part of the Brave browser. I also wanted to find a way to support some of the projects that I found to be interesting to writing about them. I figured jotting down my thoughts on various projects might be an interesting thing to do from time to time. That web address has now been rebuilt into this site.

I am also a verified broadcaster for the Upland Contributors Network (UCN) and I enjoy posting things about the Upland Metaverse. You can check that blog out at Upland Uncovered. Being part of Upland brought me to the NFT space, which in part led me to launch Upland Comics & Collectibles.

As my blog evolved it started to mix up my crypto work and my Upland work, so I decided to separate them out and I launched Cypto Uncovered for more detailed blogging on crypto and not related to Upland. I have also extended the offer to others to post there as well if they like. What they post is their own thoughts, not mine, but I figured I would give them a spot to figure it out.

As I continued in the space Upland Comics (& Collectibles) took on a role much more than an Upland business. It became it's own NFT based community with a lot of contact in the WAX blockchain world. I started offering help to others getting onboarded to the space. I also started a monthly giveaway and started doing some interviews and streams with other broadcasters. I also connected to other NFT creators in the Upland world, and we got to talking.

After a bit of brainstorming a group of us decided to write a comic book based on the various metaverses that were developing in the NFT ecosystem. We got together and created MetaForce Comics. We are now building a brand we hope to develop into a full fledged comic book series and maybe even multiple series.

Also during this time I hooked up with some other great people through Upland that were working hard to create an amazing community. Through a collective effort and working together as a group we all pool resources to help each other out. It's a community of NFT enthusiasts that have collected properties in the Little Italy neighborhoods of Fresno and Manhattan in Upland. That community has formed the Upland LI project, of which I am a proud contributor.

The team from CrytomonKeys took notice of my monthly Upland Comics giveaway and wanted to be a part of it. As I was promoting the giveaway I really fell for the project and the team really liked my style. The team asked me to come on board to be an official part of the team and do promotions and live streams. I of course said yes and have been loving every minute of it.

As part of promoting CryptomonKeys I was on Corey's podcast. We had a blast and it was just about the time he was getting ready to start promoting The Uplift World. He asked if I wanted to stream with him and I said I was in for sure. I have jumped in with both feet and become a huge fan and advocate for the project.

I don't know what's next in this wild crypto and NFT ride, but I am truly enjoying it. If you want to enjoy it as well, head

As is mandatory with all things in the crypto world, I must tell you that I don't intend any of the posts, comments, streams or content of any type to be advice or direction for people to put money or time into any particular project. None of what I say is financial advice, I am here to entertain as they say. Also please note that Uplandme, Inc. is not responsible for any content or any other public communication by me on this or any other medium.

Thanks and enjoy.