MetaForce Comics

I am a co-founder of MetaForce Comics(MFC). MFC is the comic book company built around the Metaverse. The company dedicated to recreating and reimagining the comic book experience we all know from our youth. With multiple comic series, books and collectibles, special editions and collaborative editions MFC has everything you could want from a comic book company.

The initial comic launch was on WAX and MFC is expanding into a multi-chain comic launch platform. The projects goal to bring comics to every collection that wants them but doesn't know how to make them on their own. MetaForce Comics wants to be your Metaverse comic shop.

Metaverse Media & Consulting

I am the owner of Metaverse Media & Consulting (MMC). MMC does consulting for a variety of NFT, digital media, & metaverse projects across the crypto space. I can be available to provide assistance with NFT project scoping and design. I have experience in several different style projects including art & media based NFTs, play to earn gaming, utility NFTs, and blockchain data projects. If I can help your project I will, and if I feel there is another resource that I have has a contact that can do better, I will connect you with them.

You can reach out via twitter or email.

I am a co-founder of is a multimedia crypto & NFT project. The project includes the social money token $LEFT, and is built as a platform to encourage individuals and artists to learn how to earn a living leveraging NFTs and the cryptocurrency space. The project also supports efforts in multiple metaverses and a daily NFT live show. I am a regular co-host of the live show.

Upland Comics & Collectibles

I am the founder of Upland Comics & Collectibles. We are an NFT design group, an NFT collection on Wax, and an all around NFT consultancy group. We maintain properties in multiple metaverses but were initially born out of Upland. We are here to help anyone who needs help in the NFT space. We also have primary and resale shops on Atomic Hub as well as Upland and will be expanding into new metaverses as they become available.

Gifty Kids

I am a co-founder of the Gifty Kids project. Gifty Kids is a charity NFT project where the goal is to bring together a large collection of artists and NFT projects to donate art for sale with the proceeds going to children's based charities.

Gifty Kids Discord


I am a team member on the CryptomonKeys team. CryptomonKeys are freely distributed digital trading cards, minted as NFTs on the WAX blockchain. The project was launched on September 19, 2020 by the co-founders SoggyApplePie and bantano, both core team members of the cryptocurrency project BANANO. The vision behind cryptomonKeys is to create a collectible digital trading card series we ourselves would like to collect.

Neon Space

I work as an adviser on the Neon Space project. Neon Space blends a throwback neon sign style within a beautiful 3D environment. With a collaborative approach and many planned partnerships Neon Space appears to be growing metaverse in it's own right. I provide support for navigating the WAX ecosystem and technical guidance on the NFT process on the WAX blockchain.

The Nasty Hooks

I work as an adviser on the Nasty Hooks NFT project. Nasty Hooks is a musical duo with a distinct and creative style. Their music is well know in the WAX ecosystem. I provide technical support for preparing a collection, minting NFTs, and creating drops on the WAX blockchain.

Halo Platform

I am a community manager and writer for Halo Platform. I help to maintain the discord and telegram presence. I moderate those communities to keep them helpful and positive and work with other moderators to answer questions for the project. I also writer for the project and will occasionally write articles, announcements and other times.