About Recourier

There is not too much to say about me.  I am just some random guy on the internet who has various opinions about a great many things.  One of those things was crypto and I decided to write about it.  From there I got into more things, and just kept writing and creating.

I started with one blog, Recourier Crypto.  This decision was in part because I wanted to become a content creator in the BAT ecosystem that was developed as part of the Brave browser.  I also wanted to find a way to support some of the projects that I found to be interesting to writing about them.  I figured jotting down my thoughts on various projects might be an interesting thing to do from time to time.

I am also a verified broadcaster for the Upland Contributors Network (UCN) and I enjoy posting things about the Upland Metaverse.  You can check that blog out at Upland Uncovered.  As I got more involved in Upland the blog in part part of that world as well.  In addition I got into NFTs and started collecting, which led me to launch Upland Comics & Collectibles.

As my blog evolved it started to mix up my crypto work and my Upland work, so I decided to separate them out and I launched Cypto Uncovered for more detailed blogging on crypto and not related to Upland.  I have also extended the offer to others to post there as well if they like.  What they post is their own thoughts, not mine, but I figured I would give them a spot to figure it out.

I am not a crypto development 
expert  and don't have any in depth development experience.  I have enough technical understanding to get through the first layer of details, and share them in a way that is understandable by other.  I readily admit that there are other's out there with a much deeper understanding of the technical development and code.

I don't intend any of the posts to be advice or direction for people to put money or time into any particular project.  I just figured when I know how something works, have digested a whitepaper, learned a platforms mechanics or have some kind of info that might be useful to pass along I would do so.

Uplandme, Inc. is not responsible for any content or any other public communication by me on this or any other medium.

If you decide to support this, or any of my sites, that is great and thank you.  If you happen to be a Brave browser user and use the BAT ecosystem then I encourage you to tip with BAT as I am a Brave Verified Creator.

If that's not your thing, but you still want to send a little something my way, I have addresses for many of the other popular blockchains.  I will leave a few addresses below.

Thanks and enjoy.

BTC: 3FSm78qXa86C8RAXTJpcJNHkr8Mvs7VpXZ

ETH/ERC: 0x5e1bdf720aba2f41d1188d1b78a8aee282d9f322

XMR: 42q1yyPPdneQ1eduJ8xxnfeoMmPEKniGZG3XCNtCcfnDMMKmwQkLtdkVUf5dRSLgAyUSYK8nGbxWZD3H9pJ6zSu767z3Wy4


DASH: XbWPx9kETu9rzhMaWg9MtmLL5E1cKgwx8X


DOGE: DAjcXgUF92VSLjjjCm86KADF5g9R7kF2R8

VET: 0x555d62f8F6a0753B8b4c25e9b67631D87F525792

WAX: x.cqw.wam

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