There is not too much to say about me.  I am just some random dude on the internet who has various opinions about a great many things.  One of those things is crypto and I decided to blog about it.

I started this blog in part because I was interested in supporting the BAT ecosystem that was developed as part of the Brave browser.  I wanted to become a content creator and this was the path I chose.  I also wanted to find a way to support some of the projects that I found to be interesting.  I figured jotting down my thoughts on various projects might be an interesting thing to do from time to time.

I am not a crypto expert by any means and don't have any in depth development experience.  I have enough technical understanding to get through the first layer of details, but I admit I am a little rough when it gets deep into the technical development and code.

I don't intend any of the posts to be advice or direction for people to put money or time into any particular projects.  I just figured when I know how something works, or have digested a whitepaper, or have some kind of info that might be useful to pass along I would do so.

If you decide to support this site that is great and thank you.  If you happen to be a Brave browser user and use the BAT ecosystem then I encourage you to tip with BAT as I am a Brave Verified Creator.

If that's not your thing, but you still want to send a little something my way, I have addresses for many of the other popular blockchains.  I will leave a few addresses below.

Thanks and enjoy.

BTC: 3FSm78qXa86C8RAXTJpcJNHkr8Mvs7VpXZ

ETH: 0x5e1bdf720aba2f41d1188d1b78a8aee282d9f322

XMR: 42q1yyPPdneQ1eduJ8xxnfeoMmPEKniGZG3XCNtCcfnDMMKmwQkLtdkVUf5dRSLgAyUSYK8nGbxWZD3H9pJ6zSu767z3Wy4

LTC: MBXeCm1gBvWz3pLLCBLrPQGm6wzqDigxeD


DASH: XbWPx9kETu9rzhMaWg9MtmLL5E1cKgwx8X


DOGE: DAjcXgUF92VSLjjjCm86KADF5g9R7kF2R8

HALO: 0x260b0ca3f2ae33ddd478f02e18dfae904b2af02a

NEO: AKQoVwdveQ9MzeV3bk8wAAe42Tzkp7R7vQ

ONT: AKQoVwdveQ9MzeV3bk8wAAe42Tzkp7R7vQ

VET: 0x555d62f8F6a0753B8b4c25e9b67631D87F525792

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