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Metaverse Media and Continued Growth

  The Recourier Crypto world continues to grow.  We are starting off November with a bang.  Recently the web address  was acquired.  This web address currently redirects to this blog, but in the future it will be the landing page which will collect all the various recourier crypto and metaverse projects.   As noted in my last post, crypto blogging has been relocated to .  Though there has not been much action on there recently, I am looking for other crypto bloggers who want to join the family and add their views on the crypto verse. Upland Uncovered  is proud to announce that two new articles were published today by two new guest writers.  Upland Uncovered is actively looking to grow it's team, so reach out if you are interested in being on board. Upland Comics  has had it's second Mega NFT giveaway and has already booked giveaway sponsors for the next three months!  In the Upland Comics design group we are conti