Recourier Crypto Grows


I want to start by thanking all of my readers.  I started out the year with the idea of just poking at some crypto blogs here and there.  My first few were pretty plain.  I was trying to learn the blogging software and hyperlinks and images.

As time went on I got a little more in depth, I branched out into other projects, and I started to dig into other blogging platforms.  I started to mirror my blogs on Publish0x.  I paid attention to what other bloggers were doing there and what works interested me and what didn't. I felt my blogging was improving, but every piece was becoming an involved research piece.  

Then I started to get into the world of NFTs, and specifically Upland. That lead me down a path of learning about the metaverse, learning about minting of NFTs, and passing along that information to others.  This also added another blog to my project list.

I have enjoyed each of these steps and enjoyed growing as a blogger and writer.  I have enjoyed growing an audience and engaging with that audience on various media platforms.  I felt that my blogging was developing a style, and a subject matter.  I enjoy the deeper articles but it lead me to feel guilty if I wanted to just put down some quick thoughts.  I felt the need to link, and cross promote, and really make a project out of each post.  I enjoy this and don't want to stop, but I don't want to pepper in quick and dirty little off the cuff pieces with those more engaging piece.

As such I made a decision to make a distinction between my blogs.  Going forward, Recourier Crypto will be a little bit lighter, more stream of consciousness.  Maybe even a post I can write from my phone and not feel guilty.  My in depth crypto analysis will find it's home on Crypto Uncovered.  My Upland content will continue on Upland Uncovered.  All my blogs are cross linked and can be easily navigated between.  

My past posts on Recourier Crypto have been migrated over to Crypto Uncovered.  I will also keep them here in case there are some old links out there I don't recall or don't know about that have been shared.  Going forward I would like you to enjoy all my blogs and their differing styles and content.

I will forego my typical lengthy footer this time.  Maybe it makes it's way back on this blog, maybe not.  Only time will tell.  Enjoy all my various forms of content, and enjoy crypto.


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