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Recourier Crypto Grows

  I want to start by thanking all of my readers.  I started out the year with the idea of just poking at some crypto blogs here and there.  My first few were pretty plain.  I was trying to learn the blogging software and hyperlinks and images. As time went on I got a little more in depth, I branched out into other projects, and I started to dig into other blogging platforms.  I started to mirror my blogs on Publish0x.  I paid attention to what other bloggers were doing there and what works interested me and what didn't. I felt my blogging was improving, but every piece was becoming an involved research piece.   Then I started to get into the world of NFTs, and specifically  Upland . That lead me down a path of learning about the metaverse, learning about minting of NFTs, and passing along that information to others.  This also added another blog to my project list. I have enjoyed each of these steps and enjoyed growing as a blogger and writer.  I have enjoyed growing an audience an