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Recourier Crypto Grows

I want to start by thanking all of my readers.  I started out the year with the idea of just poking at some crypto blogs here and there.  My first few were pretty plain.  I was trying to learn the blogging software and hyperlinks and images.
As time went on I got a little more in depth, I branched out into other projects, and I started to dig into other blogging platforms.  I started to mirror my blogs on Publish0x.  I paid attention to what other bloggers were doing there and what works interested me and what didn't. I felt my blogging was improving, but every piece was becoming an involved research piece.  
Then I started to get into the world of NFTs, and specifically Upland. That lead me down a path of learning about the metaverse, learning about minting of NFTs, and passing along that information to others.  This also added another blog to my project list.
I have enjoyed each of these steps and enjoyed growing as a blogger and writer.  I have enjoyed growing an audience and enga…

WAX Wallets - Solutions for all levels of security

The NFT world has brought all kinds of people into the crytpo-sphere.  Some are well versed in how crypto wallets work and others are new to the arena.  This article should have useful information for both and those in between.  I have gotten a number of questions from some people regarding various wallet solutions up to and including setting up a cold storage solution for WAX.  I will run through your options below and link you to some helpful additional content to accomplish your goal no matter what you personal security risk profiles look like.  I will start out by saying that I am not an expert in WAX by any means.  That's why this is really a article full of links to resources for you to check out.  The thing about WAX is that it is kind of designed around using their cloud wallet solution.  You can pretty much do what you want on chain without it, but it makes life way easier.  All the dapps are designed to work with it and it's integration is dominant across the chain. …


Howdoo is setting itself up to take on the world of social media.  It seems from looking over the available information that it wants to do a little bit of everything.  It seems at first glance to want to be facebook, and instagram and youtube and anyone else that publishes media or content of, well, any kind.  They are taking a big swing, so let's try and dig into what's going on here and how they plan to do it.
Their website, which you can check out here, claims that "Howdoo combines every type of content: streams, posts, messaging, image and video sharing, blogs, community interaction and eShops. Want a total social experience? You got it."  Howdoo users will experience "a fairer, clearer, higher-quality social media experience where you’re always in control."  But what does that mean, and how will they put it all together?  
Well, the angle they are taking is that content creators and influencers have to manage a host of different products to get their co…

Blockchain Heroes - Community Meeting 5 Promo NFTs

If you don't know yet about Blockchain Heroes you are missing out on a very cool thing.  BC Heroes is an upcoming NFT card set that is paying homage to the personalities that have built the crypto world.  They had their community meeting for the upcoming roll-out in August and they put up some community challenges to win some free NFTs and I thought I would pass those along to me readers, however few of them I might have.  So below you will find links to the challenges.  Some of these are referrals so you will also be helping me out with my referrals and helping my chances at some sweet NFTs.  So go check out the website then follow the links below to possibly win some awesome NFTs.The first one is a partnership with Grow Your Base.  This is a site where you do tasks to earn tokens and you redeem those tokens for NFTs.  Go check it out, sign up for NFT related mailing lists, and earn some GYB tokens to win this NFT.  The screen grab doesn't do it justice as it's actually a…

WAX - A low friction way to get WAX coins for NFTs

I have been turned onto WAX blockchain through a promotion done within the Upland team and the upcoming release of Blockchain Heroes cards that will be launching as NFTs on the WAX chain.  The cards are being launched by the guys from the Bad Crypto Podcast.  This promotion has gotten a number of people not previously into crypto really interested in WAX and NFTs.  So I am really talking to those people for this article.  If you are already familiar with fiat onramps, crypto wallets, high liquidity crypto exchanges, etc you already know how to do all of this. I will also freely admit there ARE paths with less fees for those that are crypto saavy.  But for some, a little extra fee to remove the friction and pain points isn't really a bad thing.So for this write-up I will be discussing one path that I believe is relatively straightforward (for crypto) and will get the job done.  There are certainly other ways to do it but this one can be done without significant waiting periods or m…

It's happening, it's official - An option other than Uphold for Brave users

I know I teased this coming a short while back, but stick with me, this isn't a tease, it's real.  I know that all the Brave and BAT boards have been plastered with the news that much like Binance before it, Gemini is now going to have a trading widget right on Brave new tab page.  This is exciting enough for some people because Gemini is a legal exchange in almost the whole of the US.  It can even be used in the elusive state of New York.  The thing is that's were some people stopped reading or stopped paying attention.  Yeah, I get it, another trading widget, whatever.  If you did stop there you missed the pay off.  Read the first line of the article posted on the Brave website closely:We are excited to announce that Gemini and Brave have partnered to make it easier for users to buy, sell, store, and earn crypto when using the Brave browser.I highlighted the important bit for you there, that's right, earn.  You have to keep reading further down the article to get to …

Halo Platform announces move to Ethereum

Halo Platform announced a community proposal to move from the native Halo chain to become a member of the Ethereum community as an ERC token project.  The announcement (see below) cited the impending move by Ethereum to ETH 2.0 and it's scaling solutions which Halo was initially trying to address with their chain.  Being that Halo is a second degree fork of ETH (by way of Quorum) the migration will not require extensive work.  All addresses and private keys will be able to migrate as all Halo addresses have a mirror address on ETH.  Halo Update Time!I've written and rewritten this one multiple times as it's a little different then our normal updates. Instead of talking about development progress and other items, I want to open up a discussion with you, the Halo Community, about the path forward for Halo. Which makes it more difficult to write up.We have done some awesome things with Halo. The products we've created are outstanding and will continue to improve. Looking …

A decent crypto faucet?

So many people new to crypto that start out going the route of crypto faucets.  They are websites that make you do some task and get rewarded with some small amount of crypto.  Almost always the effort these take compared to the amount you receive make them not at all worthwhile.  If that's the only downside you are doing ok.  Others use the faucet as a leadloss to get you into a gambling platform or some other way to lose your crypto back to the house.  Still others have withdrawal requirements that are so high compared to what you earn that it might take years of daily faucet work to get a withdrawal.  There are not many that are either honest, or are worth the time. I poke at these faucets occasionally just to see what's out there and usually they reaffirm my prior experiences.  Recently I happened across one that breaks the mold and is actually very straightforward and honest in it's approach.  These are not large sums of crypto and probably still won't amount to m…

What it means to be part of the Ethereum ecosystem.

As time goes on it's becoming clear that many of the planned Ethereum killers haven't yet been successful at killing ETH.  Some projects still believe in the imminent ETH demise, others have become a second layer solution and other's still believe ETH 2.0 will fix a number of the scaling problems.  If you are not familiar with ETH 2.0 I wrote a brief TL;DR that you can check out here.   Being your own chain can be, and is for those that do it successfully, very powerful.  Don't get me wrong, this is not meant as a slight to those projects that are making it, they are important projects and having their own chain makes sense for their use case.  I want to see a diverse cryptoverse with options, I don't support widespread consolidation.  But it is really hard to establish your own ecosystem, woo developers, onboard users and dapps and everything needed to make it work.  Then you need to convince exchanges to build a wallet and integration for your chain as well as …

BAT - Options other than Uphold due in 2020?

In a Reddit post made earlier today on another subject one of the mods for the BAT Project subreddit replied to a posters comment regarding the timeline for options other than Uphold as the only custodian coming this year.  The mod would not commit to a timeline, and rightly so I would add, but he did suggest that it would come this year.These options have been talked about a lot in the past, but I have never seen anything that suggested a timeline.  I fully admit, I probably have missed some clues over the course of many different subs and social media outlets.  That said, this feels noteworthy to me.  Having had the experience of jumping through a lot of hoops with Uphold myself this is something that I consider to be exciting and I think a lot of other BAT and Brave fans would agree.If anyone has any other clues to timeline please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Ether-1 Node Leasing - A different option for staking

So I was poking around the Ether-1 discord the other day and started talking to some of the community members there about their nodes.  They have both mining and masternodes to support their project, you can read a little more about that in a previous post I made about the project here.  I found their options for operating nodes pretty interesting.  Now, you can go about things the normal way.  Buy the necessary $ETHO as collateral and set up your VPS or whatever hosting you want to use, get the necessary items installed, and then setup and maintain your node.  But, what if you want to set up a node but just don't know how to do all the technical stuff?  Or what if you know how to do all the technical stuff but can't purchase all the needed collateral up front?  You are just stuck, right? Actually no, you have another option.  Ether-1 has a pretty slick options they have set up through their staking site.  This isn't your normal staking pool where you send off your collate…

ETH 2.0 - The TL;DR Version

There has been a lot of confusion about what ETH 2.0 is, and what it's not, and how it's all going to happen.  There are a lot of detailed explanations out there, extensive FAQs and good analysis of the technology.  I found one done by Consensus that is formatted as an FAQ, if you want to dive deeper into the details it can be found here.  This post that I am writing is targeted at those that just want a high level understanding without too much technical jargon just to know what is going on.ETH 2.0 (ETH2 for the remainder of this article) isn't just a change, it's instead a series of events put together over several years to move to an entirely new chain or set of chains to be more accurate.  Both the current form of Ethereum (ETH1) and ETH2 will exist together for a period of time.  ETH1 is the current proof of work chain where rewards are given to miners and ETH2 will be a staking chain where rewards are given to those locking up their ETH.  There are 3 total phases…

BPSAA - What it is and why it's important.

The BPSAA is the Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance.  You may not have heard of the BPSAA yet, but that is in part because they are a fairly new group just forming this year.  The original idea came from a conversation between members of Pirate Chain and Turtle Network.  The Alliance finally came to fruition with these two projects as well as Sentinel and Ether-1.  Their official launch was February 12, 2020.The mission as stated on their website is "The Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance (BPSAA) sets the standard for collaboration and the products and services produced. We create solutions that allow us to accomplish our personal project goals, as well as create interoperability between our ecosystem’s products and services."  They go on to state their core values as: Privacy, Security, Adoption, and Collaboration.  This nicely aligns with their name and is a succinct description of values for which they stand.The value of a working colla…