Bitcoin 401k

I just read this article and found it interesting.  Gemini is teaming up with a few others to offer 401k retirement offerings.  As such, employers will have the option of giving crypto investments in their plans.  Which would allow you to forego the hurdles of setting up a self directed retirement to make those investments.  Interesting.....

Brave, BAT and Reddit tokens

Those that are both into the cryptosphere and are reddit users no doubt have heard of the new reddit tokens.  They are ERC-20 tokens that are going to be specific to individual subs that will serve as not only a way of rewarding content but also interaction with the subs.  As of this writing I am aware of three different tokens, moons, bricks and donuts.  Tokens also appear to be able to be adopted by multiple subs, so it's not necessarily a strict 1 sub = 1 token relationship.
I think this is a really interesting development.  These are currently running on a testnet for ETH (Rinkeby) and so the gas cost is effectively free.  Reddit has a plan for how to manage/cover these costs once the tokens go to main net.  It brings a huge group of people into the crypto world and is another large step towards widespread adoption.  I am all for it, as are many others.
This has sparked a debate on whether Brave and BAT focused subs should simply adopt BAT as their tokens.  I am going to make my…

Pi Network and FeverIQ

Pi Network is a project I have been following for a little while now.  Initially I was introduced by a friend who asked me to 'mine' and so I did because it was super easy and didn't take much of any effort or resources (more on that later).  I then started to learn a little more and took more interest in what was going on and have started to look forward to the projects development.  Then very recently they introduced their first 3rd party app "FeverIQ" and now I have taken more interest because it's actively providing a service to...dare I say, humanity?  I will break it down for you, please read on even if you aren't directly interested in Pi.

So, what is Pi?  Honestly it seems to be pretty straight forward in it's approach and isn't trying to do too much.  Pi is being developed by a group of people at Stanford University.  The team seems to be at least a little bit altruistic in their goals.  The state their mission as: "Build a cryptocu…

BAT Mjolnir

I found this article interesting though admittedly much of it is well on the tech side.  This basically describes how brave plans to move the ecosystem of brave advertising and BAT off the native ETH chain.
Currently BAT is handled totally centralized and managed by Uphold. This is problematic for a lot of people.  There is a desire to move to a more decentralized solution.  Being on ETH is too expensive to handle on chain with micro transactions.  This seems to be a solution to get something of ETH adjacent solution.
I need to re-read and digest it more. But it might be worth your read.

HaloDEX lists PEG

HaloDEX lists PegNet stablecoin PEG.
So what is PegNet?  Reading the PegNet webpage they dub themselves as the stablecoin network for Decentralized Finance.  It goes on to say that PegNet functions as a state channel on Ethereum dedicated to stablecoin prices, conversions and transfers.  The actual network is built on the Factom Protocal.  There are some nice videos and some other technical information but here is my not overly technical take on what PegNet really means.

I will start by saying, this product and network is not aimed at high volume traders or people that rely on trade speeds of a centralized exchange.  It's not for people that need near instant settlement, or people doing intra-day trading and/or scalping.  Really it's for people that want to change what they are holding to another thing based on a longer term outlook.

If you wanted to change around what you are holding, but you didn't want to have an actual exchange to log into and wait for a deposit to se…

Halo Platform February Update

Halo Platform has posted their February update.  There is some interesting more in there about exchange updates and the start of work on their mobile platform.  It's worth a quick read.
“February 2020 Update” by Halo Platform


Another project that I have been getting into as of late is Ether-1 and their currency $ETHO.  This is a really interesting project and for anyone who is a true disciple of the decentralize everything tenant, these guys will be right up your ally. More than any other project I have seen they truly want to decentralize everything and they let that guide all their decision making.  They have pushed to have decentralized governance of the project, and even watch the pool loading for their mining and encourage the communities to spread out the hash rate and not let any pools get over-weighted.

The project is attempting to provide for decentralized content hosting.  Now forgive me if I get a little bit of the technical details slightly off here.  Their primary product right now is EthoFS which is how they provide for the content hosting.  You use ETHO to cover the hosting costs and your content goes up and becomes part of the blockchain.  Much like many other blockchains it's an immut…